Since 1999 Fulton Francis have been the vendor independent experts in global print solutions. We’ve worked with organizations of all sizes to solve their business problems related to their office printing category. The most common needs or objectives that our clients share with us are: 



Need: Less suppliers, service providers and contracts to manage. Ideally to be able to engage with ONE partner globally who can manage all print assets, irrespective of brand and location. Smart Contracts on the Blockchain are featuring in conversations more regularly.

Reduced Resource Investment

Need: Less involvement of Procurement, IT, Finance and Legal into the contracting and support of what they perceived was a “Managed Service”. Ideally to shift as much of the infrastructure and support as possible to a partner.



Need: A consistent approach and experience related to solution design, commercial terms and service levels.


Visibility and Control

Need: To be assured that they are reconciling invoices in line with their contracted rate and that they have the necessary accurate understanding to develop ROI supported business cases for digital transformation.


Document Level Data

Need: Deeper insights into both content and context of data residing within their business critical documents. High-level usage statistics are no longer sufficient.


Innovation & Continuous Improvement

Need: To achieve financial and operational efficiencies through technologies or services that reduce their need for printing and printers. Add-ons would ideally be available from a ‘Marketplace or App Store’. In a future state cognitive or Artificial Intelligence insights would be provided live, to maximize efficiencies.



Need: To be able to quantifiably measure outcomes against a baseline as opposed to historic projects that may have skipped the best practice baseline step or been measured against averages.


Need: To structure their solutions and contracts in a way that does not tie business critical solutions to any particular OEM.



Need: Ideally to contract and pay for Print as-a-Service or utility as they do with Telecommunications.



Need: To be able to customize the service to meet their specific business needs, rather than a 'one size fits all’ approach.



As a buyer of MPS I need a simplified, multivendor capable, global print service that is focused on driving transformation so I can reduce my workload and cost.

I need my partner to be capable of, and incentivized to reduce my reliance on printing and printers.



The Innovators Voice

  • "You’ve gotta start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology."- STEVE JOBS
  • Remember the six most expensive words in business are "We've always done it that way."- CATHERINE DEVRYE
  • "You need to get to the future ahead of your customers and get ready to greet them when they arrive."- MARC BENIOFF (CEO SALESFORCE.COM)
  • "There’s a way to do it better... Find it."- THOMAS A. EDISON
  • "You shouldn't do things differently just because they're different. They need to be... Better."- ELON MUSK
  • "People don't care about what you say, they care about what you build."- MARK ZUCKERBERG
  • "Price is what you pay, value is what you get."- WARREN BUFFETT
  • "When you remove layers, simplicity and speed happen."- GINNI ROMETTY
  • "Change before you have to."- JACK WELCH

Print maturity for your business





Level 1

  • You don't understand your asset location / utilisation or contractual state.
  • Transactional & decentralised management strategy.
  • Managing large amounts of vendors.
  • Benefits: achieved through negotiation of unit prices of components i.e. hardware.

Level 2

  • You understand the level 1 issues and are working towards global control.
  • You have or are developing a global print strategy.
  • Manage print environment - decentralised or centralised.
  • Managing a large amount of vendors.
  • Benefits: achieved through consolidation.

Level 3

  • Executing your print strategy and gaining deeper visibility into what you’re printing.
  • Deeper document level data (content and context).
  • Developing a strategy to achieve digital transformation.
  • Advanced document services.
  • Moving towards centralisation and reducing vendors.
  • Developing standards around infrastructure & service.
  • Benefits: achieved through optimisation & negotiation.

level 4

The future — print-as-a-service

  • A simplified global contracting model — ONE contract and relationship to manage.
  • A single secure enterprise level infrastructure to manage all document activity and print assets, irrespective of brand.
  • Public, Private or Hybrid infrastructure is maintained by a globally scaled IS provider who can assure consistency in solution design and service delivery.
  • Modular — ability to add analytics, content management, mobility and cognitive offerings with ease from a marketplace
  • Billed as-a-Service or Utility — i.e. Telco contracting & billing model for print.
  • IoT - Predictive analytics for maintenance & consumables.
  • Smart Contracts on Blockchain.
  • Cognitive/AI capabilities for live insights and advice.
  • A single global help desk — eventually with device to cognitive system capabilities to minimize downtime and customer involvement.

"Our clients wanted a vendor independent, globally scaled and modular Print-as-a-Service option… it didn’t exist… so we built it."

— Brendan Francis, Fulton Francis CEO


Print-as-a-service components may include:

Standardised Global Print Infrastructure


 Your Benefits are achieved through a reduced reliance on printing & printers. 


The Analyst Voice

  • "Managed print services is an enabler for digital transformation."- QUOCIRCA
  • "Quocirca's survey revealed that organizations remain reliant on paper-based processes, with almost 60% of organizations indicating that up to 30% of business processes use paper." - QUOCIRCA
  • "The MPS market is approaching full saturation and maturity. This sets the context for competition and innovation."- INFOTRENDS
  • "While the idea of providing a 100% outsourced, hosted managed print service-as-a-service is an aspiration for mps solution providers, the reality, we believe, is that, in the near-term, only a handful of players will be able to deliver it successfully, especially on a global scale."- WATER GROUP
  • "Our research shows that buyers are intrigued by the idea of acquiring managed print services that include workflow and content management under a similar cloud-based utility model as much as possible."- WATER GROUP
  • "Managed print services are entrenched among customers and are now being extended to focus on content, rather than printing. these managed content services create opportunities for mps providers as they extend the proven bundling approach to software, cloud services, consultation and implementation."- GARTNER GROUP
  • "Enterprise customers are looking to achieve greater return from their mpds engagements through value-added services that extend far beyond print management into areas that drive operational efficiencies, streamline workflows, strengthen device and content security, and improve worker productivity. Meanwhile, the transition to the cloud is creating new opportunities for outsourced document services within the broader market."- IDC
  • "Seek vendors that are equipped with the necessary solutions and professional services expertise to address business-critical issues around content security, data privacy, and regulatory compliance."- IDC

commercial Models

Fulton Francis provides its services under the following two models:

Print As A Service


Under this model you contract and pay for print like you would telecommunications. Print as a Service is modular, scalable and consumption based. Under your services agreement you can add any or all of the suite of Advanced Document Solutions from the Marketplace to meet your business needs. Print as a Service is comparable to telco model, but with enhanced operational support.


For qualified opportunities, Fulton Francis is also willing to operate under a unique 'client savings first' contingency model where we will invest our tools, subject matter experts and time into completing a project and delivering a future service that will result in quantifiable net savings from your addressable spend.

Contingent Savings

Interested in talking further?

Please contact us to schedule a call to discuss your business objectives and the most suitable model for you.