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What We Do

Our advantages in expertise, tools, process and scale
to provide a globally consistent service for our clients.

What Fulton Francis Does

  • Transition – the category in its current state to deliver immediate workload reduction and short term savings on addressable spend components

  • Audit – to establish an accurate baseline state that against which we can measure delivered benefits

  • Analyse – to identify short, medium and long term options to optimise your print category

  • Recommend – the optimised print solution that will meet the current and future requirements of your end-users and external customers

  • Source – the optimised print solution from the vendor(s) of your preference

  • Implement – the optimised print solution at the right time for your business

  • Manage – the print solution in a proactive and simplified manner that will reduce your resource investment into the category and ensure that continuous improvement opportunities are identified and capitalised on

  • Transform – the category by implementing the agreed continuous improvement initiatives

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