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What makes Fulton Francis different?

The Fulton Francis difference

Vendor Independence

Not being a hardware manufacturer or reseller enables Fulton Francis to focus purely on our clients needs.

Aligned with our clients

Fulton Francis’ focus is on reducing our clients reliance on printing and printers through focused management and utilisation of transformative technolgies and services. Fulton Francis’ commercial models are aligned with the cost reduction and continuous improvement goals of our clients.

Our position is directly aligned with the needs and goals of our clients, versus a print manufacturer or reseller who ultimately relies on sales of hardware, services, parts and consumables to secure their revenues.

Simplification and Consistency in your Managed Print Service

Uniquely Fulton Francis can provide a managed print service for our clients that includes the following features:

  • A walk-in-take-over management service for all assets, irrespective of manufacturer, in all locations in ~200 countries.
  • A global baseline audit of all in scope assets, consistently following a best practice process and utilising best in class tools; to ensure accuracy and consistency in findings and recommendation.
  • ONE global relationship to manage
  • ONE global print infrastructure to support all assets, irrespective of manufacturer – thereby minimising our clients replicated IT and Procurement workload
  • ONE global Master Services Agreement for the management of all in-scope assets
  • ONE vendor independent finance agreement for ~50 countries – which provides consistency, reduces Procurement and Legal workload and eliminates hardware vendor lock-in
  • Customised invoicing and category reporting – global, regional, country, OpCo and Cost Centre levels
  • Quantifiable savings measured against an accurate and mutually agreed baseline
  • ONE global help desk (optional)


While Fulton Franciscan deliver a unique multivendor global MPS this should be considered the starting point, not the destination.

Fulton Francis’ goal is to develop a deep understanding of how our clients communicate internally and externally.

This will be achieved through expertise, focus and tools.

Once we have the necessary understanding of our clients business communication needs and the performance of the print category we can utilise the data to develop relevant and ROI supported business cases for the adoption of transformative technologies and/or services.

Examples of transformative technologies are:

  • Cloud
  • Analytics
  • Cognitive
  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Social
  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Content Management

Fulton Francis understand that a few of the keys to successfully implementing such solutions are:

  • A mutually agreed business case – without an understanding of the benefits and the financial feasibility it is unlikely that any transformative technologies will be adopted
  • Testing and Certification – all transformative solutions must meet the needs of our clients business and be acceptable to IT from compatibility and risk perspectives
  • Scalability – ideally the transformative solutions will be enterprise scalable and supportable. Typically there is minimal desire to implement solutions that cannot be implemented and supported across the client business as this leads to replicated investment/workload, inconsistency and risk for IT
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